Special Sintered Ferrite Magnet Φ2.0*Φ1.3*3.4mm

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Product Details

This listing includes a top quality AlNiCo magnet which is made of AlNiCo 5 material. This magnet is 1/4" thick x 1/2" wide x 1" long and magnetized through 1/4" so the N and S poles are on the 1x1/2" surfaces.

AlNiCo magnets have extrodinary temperature stability than the other types of magnets so they are mostly used in the industries like high temperature toolings or oil field applications where high temperature is present. AlNiCo magnet is also used as guitar pickups.

Generally speaking, AlNiCo magnets are more fragile than neodymium magnets but have a better machinablility so to provide higher precision.

The magnetic characteristics of this magnet is as followings,

· Material: AlNiCo class 5

· Magnetic Characteristics: Br: 1,200mT, Hcb: 48kA/m, BH: 37KJ/m³

· Holding Power: 

· Pole Orientation: Magnetized through 1/4", i.e. the north and south poles are on the 1x1/2" surfaces

· Tolerances: 1 +/-0.004" x 1/2 +/-0.004" x 1/4 +/-0.004"

· Maximum Normal Operating Temperature: 550 degree Celsius or 1,022 degree Fahrenheit (5% loss at this temperature)