The Difference Between Neodymium-iron-boron Magnets And Ferrite Magnets

- Jan 10, 2018-

Ferrite magnets are magnetic metal oxides. In terms of electrical properties, ferrite resistivity than metal, alloy magnetic material is much larger, but also higher dielectric properties. The magnetic properties of ferrite also show high magnetic permeability at high frequencies. As a result, ferrite has become a widely used non-metallic magnetic material in the field of high-frequency weak electricity. Belongs to non-metallic magnetic materials, is a composite oxide (or ferrate) of magnetic ferric oxide and one or more other metal oxides.

Neodymium iron boron magnet has the advantage of cost-effective, with good mechanical properties; inadequacies in the Curie temperature is low, poor temperature characteristics, and easy to powder corrosion, it must be adjusted by its chemical composition and surface treatment methods to make it Improve, in order to achieve the practical application requirements. NdFeB is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, with small size, light weight and strong magnetic properties, is the best performance-cost magnet, magnetic industry known as the king.