Magnetic Material Can Realize Energy Non-contact Transformation

- Mar 14, 2018-

Recently, said the Summit Forum on the development of China first magnetic technology industry director of National Steering Committee for development of new materials industry experts held in Anshan, the main products of rare earth in China has more than 400 kinds of nearly 1000 specifications, is the world's only large supply of rare earth, various grades of product specifications, to occupy the international market share of about 87%.It is now as a new material of the protagonist, plays important role in national defense, satellites, spacecraft, generators, new energy vehicles, robots, CNC machine tools, clean energy and other industries. Chinese magnet industry will become the center of world magnet industry.

On the forum, the advanced magnetic science and technology products appeared.Among them, the magnetic material can be made by "permanent magnetic field" to achieve energy conversion or transfer without contact which has the advantages of no connection, safe, reliable and efficient.At present, it has a small range of applications in the field of Chinese aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery.In the future, it will have broad application prospects in generators, new energy vehicles, robots, CNC machines, clean energy and other emerging manufacturing areas, and is expected to become China's next innovation hot spot.