Magnetic Fluid Manufacturing Process

- Jan 10, 2018-

Strong magnet magnetic liquid was first developed in 1965 by NASA in order to solve the technical problem of spacecraft helmet rotation seal. Astronauts into space a spacesuit wear a key part - the neck, must be made of liquid magnetic material. The neck is the connection between space helmet and spacesuit, which not only needs the astronaut's head to rotate freely, but also has a high degree of sealing. If the seal is not enough, the oxygen in the spacesuit leaks and the life of the astronaut is threatened. This connection site, if the solid material is obviously too hard, but the general liquid material density is not enough, only liquid nano-magnetic material to meet the requirements.

The so-called magnetic liquid (Magnetic Liquids), not referring to the liquid magnetic material (material in the liquid temperature is higher than its Curie temperature, so there is no liquid magnetic material), but the surfactant treated nano Level ultrafine magnetic particles are highly dispersed in the base fluid to form a homogeneous colloidal solution. The solution does not coagulate and precipitate under the action of gravity and magnetic field. It has solid magnetic and liquid fluidity and therefore has many unique properties in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, machinery, chemical, environmental, medical and other industries Has a unique and wide range of applications. According to different purposes, you can choose different base fluid products.