How Long Can The Magnet's Magnetic Duration?

- Jan 10, 2018-

Many people know the characteristics of magnets that can absorb iron. Physically, magnets absorb objects of iron, nickel and cobalt. Magnets are used in many other ways and can affect charged particles and electrical conductors. Magnets can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, but also the mechanical energy into electricity. Because of this, the magnet in the modern industry's status is irreplaceable, widely used in electrical, electronic, mechanical equipment and other fields.

There are two main factors affecting the magnetism of a strong magnet: temperature and oxidation. When the temperature exceeds the maximum working temperature range of the magnetic material, the magnetic property of the magnetic material weakens or disappears. When the coating is damaged, the magnetic properties of the magnetic material will be weakened and weakened. If they are not exposed to these conditions, the magnetic material will still lose magnetism, but the degradation is very slow. It will be reduced by one percentage point every ten years, so using it correctly does not have to worry about demagnetization of the magnets.