Magnets in all walks of life should pay attention to the application of the problem

- Jan 10, 2018-

1, Magneto bar manufacturer said in the application of strong magnetic steel, the working environment must be clean and clean to prevent strong magnetic steel adsorption of iron and other small magnetic particles, the impact of strong magnetic properties.

2, the bar magnet manufacturers said the needle-type data NdFeB magnetic properties of ferromagnetic steel is brittle, fragile, Instructions for use: When the adsorption reaches more than 600, the body's own gravity will be very easy to produce, and it is easy Absorption damage, so re-adsorption of gravity should be controlled in the range of strong magnetic magnets.

3, Magneto bar manufacturer said in the operation of strong magnetic steel, magnetic coils should pay special attention to the risk of holding the magnet. In the operation process can take some safety measures.