Magnet storage method

- Jan 10, 2018-

Most of the magnetic materials of a strong magnet manufacturer can be magnetized in a uniform direction, called magnetization direction (direction). Ferromagnetic steels (also called isotropic ferromagnetic steels) that are not isotropically oriented are much weaker than ferromagnetic steels (also called anisotropic ferromagnetic steels).

Strong magnetic steel strength is strong, is a high strength strong magnetic steel. Used easily hurt people. So how to eliminate strong magnet manufacturing enterprises? The method is simple, high temperature below 80 degrees, as long as we put the strong magnet on the fire for a few minutes, you put it on the next cooling, and found that he lost, permanent magnet does not smoke. Magnetic steel manufacturers said the reason is that the strong magnetic steel with a strong magnetic iron in the orderly arrangement of iron, which has a magnetic. After heating, the original arrangement of iron atoms disorder, the original magnetic disappeared. In the same way, we can use other methods to degauss the ferromagnetic steel.

Strong magnet in the end how to store, magnetic magnet manufacturers introduce you to one or two! The humidity in the room must be kept dry. Not exceed room temperature; black block or blank state of the product stored in the appropriate oil (such as petroleum); electroplating products should be sealed from air or vacuum sealed to ensure the coating corrosion resistance; magnetized products should be packaged and Pull in the store and avoid sucking other metal products; magnetizations should be stored away from the magnetic disk, magnetic cards, tapes, computer monitors, watches and other objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields. Magnetized magnets, should be shielded transport conditions, must be completely shielded air transport.