Knowledge of electromagnetic powerful magnets

- Jan 10, 2018-

What is electromagnetic strong magnet? The company is located in:

1. Inside with a core, the use of current through the coil so that it has the same magnet as the magnet device called electromagnet (electromagnet). Usually made of a strip or hoof. The iron core should be made of soft iron or silicon steel which is easy to magnetize and can easily disappear magnetism. Such a magnetically strong magnet has a magnetism when it is energized, and disappears after it is powered off. Magnetics magnets have an extremely wide range of applications in everyday life. The invention of electromagnet powerful magnet also makes the power of the generator greatly improved. The company is located in:

2. Electromagnetic Powerful Magnets Electromagnetic Powerful Magnets have an extremely wide range of applications in everyday life. Electromagnetic strong magnet current magnetic effect (electromagnetism) of an application, and life are closely linked, such as electromagnetic relays, electromagnetic cranes, maglev train. Electromagnetic strong magnet can be divided into DC electromagnetic force magnet and AC electromagnetic force magnet two types. If used in accordance with the purpose of the electromagnetic force magnet can be divided into the following five:

(1) Traction Electromagnetism Magnet - Mainly used to tow machinery, open or close various valves to perform automatic control tasks.

(2) Lifting electromagnetic powerful magnets - used as a lifting device to lift steel, steel, iron sand and other ferromagnetic materials.

(3) brake electromagnetic powerful magnets - mainly used for braking the motor to achieve the purpose of accurate parking. (4) Electromagnetic systems of automatic electrical appliances - Electromagnetic systems such as electromagnetic relays and contactors, electromagnetic relays with automatic switching, and powerful magnets for operating electromagnets.

(5) Electromagnetic powerful magnets for other purposes - such as the electromagnetic chuck of a grinding machine and electromagnetic vibrator.

3. Electromagnetic force magnet principle

When the solenoid is energized, a magnetic field such as a magnet bar can be generated. The circle in the picture is the cross-section of the wire, the point represents the current out of the screen, the fork represents the inflow screen, and the oval circle with the arrow is the magnetic line of force. A DC magnetic field is generated when a DC current is passed through the conductor, and a magnetic field similar to a rod-shaped magnet is generated when the conductor is made into a solenoid. By adding a magnetic substance in the center of the solenoid, the magnetic substance will be magnetized to achieve the effect of strengthening the magnetic field. In general, the strength of the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic force magnets and DC current size, the number of coils and the center of the magnetic material, the design of electromagnetic force magnets will focus on the distribution of the coil and the choice of conductive material, and use the size of DC To control the magnetic field strength. However, the material of the coil has a resistance and limits the magnetic field that can be generated by the electromagnetic force magnet. However, with the discovery and application of the superconductor, there is a chance to overcome existing limitations.